State Farm


We needed to explore and map the customer journey as we approach the overhaul of the current user experience for acquiring insurance across multiple lines of business, and I was tasked with creating an initial experience map showing the current and prospective purchase process.


I was the sole IA for an interdepartmental effort to explore the overhaul of our online purchasing experience so that customers could call upon various pieces of the business (auto, home, life, etc.) to get an umbrella quote. Out of a team of ~70 employees, I was one of three remote workers on the project to map the existing business and technical architecture of the company and define a journey map for the pre-purchasing and post-purchasing lifecycle.


The majority of my time with State Farm was on this long-term project and my core deliverable was still in progress at the time of my resignation, but reflects the intended path for a customer seeking to get a combined quote for auto and home insurance.

I am unable to share examples online, but I'm happy to talk about my methodology in creating this type of deliverable in a discussion.