BetterCloud was already a market leader in its space - one of the very few companies that offered IT administrators an enhanced ability to control their organization via Google Apps. The problem was that the platform hadn't been redesigned in years, and we were facing increased churn due to customers asking for - and not receiving - a more updated UI with enhanced functionality.


In preparation for overhauling the entire product while mitigating incongruent design decisions, we knew we needed to start by building the foundation of our new UI by creating a set of reusable patterns and components. I had been enamored with Atomic Design, and I - along with my other UX team member - set out to catalog and design the structural components. We didn't have the resources to really design a comprehensive pattern library, so we forged ahead and used JIRA as a platform to document design standards which would also help the front-end developers and engineers access and validate the designs.

Once we were mostly on board with our design standards, we built out the framework of our individual pillars of the application. In coordination with a product manager, I was responsible for the information architecture, design, usability research and testing for my half of the product including the directory, reporting & auditing, settings and help / knowledge base sections.