I'm a senior-level strategist & designer who enjoys working with organizations seeking to improve their user experience, brand strategy and product vision.

With a background in multi-disciplinary work spanning content strategy, copywriting, information architecture, visual design, user experience, design research and program management, I like being able to bring a holistic view of a company's workings to the table and tie together how to best merge business goals with exceptional customer experiences. While working in a design role, I often rely upon my bachelor's degree in business communication & master's degree in rhetoric and composition to assess & communicate with my audience at hand in a straightforward, direct way that helps us all bridge communication gaps and work most effecively. 

Whether it's establishing a pattern library or UI component standards, creating interaction models, auditing content, designing the framework for a responsive website, writing a company's mission / vision / core strategy, conducting usability tests or site visits, or creating compelling presentations and pitches - my strengths lie in pulling together the big picture & making abstract concepts come to life. 

In between design engagements, I sell residential real estate, make handmade ceramics in my home studio, flat-water kayak around metro Atlanta, hike with my two dogs, make vegetarian meals for my family, continually deepen my yoga and meditation practice, practice the banjo and piano, improve my 1920's Craftsman bungalow, and work in my all-season garden with native plants, fruit trees and herbs.


As a designer, I usually design in Sketch, prototype in either Axure or InVision depending on the need, and work with front end developers through Zeplin. I’m very familiar with JIRA, Confluence & Trello - even having built and distributed a manual to a former team about how to set up and share templates and dashboards. Personally and professionally, I basically live in G Suite and communicate through Slack. I manage professional tasks and projects through SmartSheet, Aha! and Asana.


I’m a multi-disciplinary thinker who sees projects holistically and recognizes equal value of all people. Content is just as important as development and they’re both just as important as design. With my background across the design discipline with a healthy amount of program and people management, I’m a strategic planner, an effective communicator, collaborator, entrepreneurial thinker, and project manager. I’m visually / design oriented, resourceful, and ridiculously organized.

Being Human

Skills, tools, education and background are important, but so is enjoying what you do and working in a way that you deem meaningful. I really believe in seeing challenges as opportunities, equanimity, and figuring out creative ways to remove blockers so that I can enable people to be be their best selves with as little drama and strife as possible. I believe in building solid foundations to make work as effective and fun as it absolutely can be, celebrating success, and not taking things too seriously.