Amalia Kallen

experience Strategist

Atlanta, Georgia



I’m a senior designer & strategist. I bring my multi-disciplinary background spanning product design, program management, visual design, communications, and small business ownership to my daily work to create thoughtful, intuitive experiences. I’m currently with Mailchimp.

I’m into systems thinking, service design, challenging internal assumptions about why we build what we build and making sure the felt experience is at the core of everything we create.


I earned both of my degrees in English and focused my master’s thesis on how the narrative associations with craft can impact our perception of value. Afterward, I grew my career to span roles as a technical writer, copywriter, content manager, content strategist, information architect, UX designer, and design researcher for Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and start ups.

I’ve redesigned an entire SaaS application, established a new component library and system architecture, designed the scaffolding for the front-end online checkout for an omnichannel retailer, created journey maps and future-state blueprints, driven user research and testing, managed vendors that helped us scale our efforts, and standardized internal processes that helped us get out of our own way. I know a little about a lot, but acutely understand I have a lifetime of learning yet to go.

I’m a proud generalist, and I typically enjoy serving in a role where I act as a conductor or editor of sorts - ensuring that the ballet of work we’re all doing syncs up or “reads” the same for the end-user. I believe in designing services that help people engage more meaningfully with the world around them.

I like to kayak, bicycle, make pottery on the wheel, hike with my dogs, take snapshots, deepen my yoga and meditation practice, practice the banjo and piano, make vegetarian meals for my family, listen to peoples’ stories, improve my 1920’s bungalow, and work in my all-season garden with native plants, fruit trees and herbs. I’m not embarrassed to admit that my favorite song of all time is The Winner.

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English - Rhetoric & Composition
Georgia State University // 2010

English - Business & Informational Writing
Towson University // 2007


Senior UX Content Strategist

UX Researcher

Senior UX Designer

Senior Information Architect
State Farm

UX Information Architect
The Home Depot

UX Content Strategist
The Home Depot

Manager of Strategic Content
Vocalocity (now Vonage)

Notes and writing


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